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Harry West 10T Silage Trailer
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Harry West 10T Silage Trailer

Harry West 10T Silage Trailer

-Full AO textures
-MP Compatible
-LightScript V3.1
-Attaching Hydraulic hoses
-Real Scale 1:1
-Moving axles
-Capacity 21700L
-Fruit types, Chaff and Grass

Built for strength and durability, the range of monocoque trailers from Harry West have been developed to tackle the toughest working conditions on the land. Available in 10 to 16 tonne models, each features a parallel chassis with monocoque constructed tapered body for easy unloading, and tandem axles.

Do not upload to any other website with out permision
Do not edit and re-upload

Have Fun

LJW modding

Model, Texture, Ingame - LJWModding
Scripts - GIANTS, Sven777b, NIModding, LJWModding
Wheels - SamN modding
Fs uk - For testing the mod
Special thanks to _dj_ for help with error fixing

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