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Heavy Duty Wool Trailer v3
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Heavy Duty Wool Trailer v3

This is Version 3 my Heavy Duty Wool Semi-Trailer.

The model has been completely rebuilt, the bed has been lowered to lower the COG to lessen the rocking of the trailer on cornering, however it still will not stay stable when cornering at full speed with a full load, (this is a simulation and to eliminate it completely and allow turning like that would be unrealistic). The ramp has been sorted and now loading of tractors is smooth. Loading of pallets is easier than the previous versions (and I have posted a video in the support forum for this mod showing the loading of pallets to show it does work). The intro video shows the loading and transporting of SMALL tractors to show this also works.


The trailer will only transport vanilla tractors I do not guarantee it will work with MR Tractors. Nor will the trailer work in MR maps (YET!) :).

The stands are manually operated, they do not lift or lower when the trailer is hitched, this is done for realism, in real life drivers must operate the stands manually too. If you forget and unhitch the trailer with the stands raised you will need to reset the trailer, this will put it in the farmyard with the stands down.

Although the trailer is as stable as I can get it, when transporting heavy loads, it is sensible to reduce speed when cornering, just like in real life.

I have taken all the comments in the support forum from my last trailer and sorted out most if not all of the complaints. Any faults found PLEASE post in the support forum and not as a PM to me.


I have been looking for a trailer that would haul more than just a couple or three wool pallets from the sheep area to the wool-mill, but was frustrated to find that the trailers available will only haul up to 4 pallets, and the flatbeds (Bale Trailers) do not seem to lock the wool pallets down very well. So I decided to create a trailer of my own and this is it.

Although it is called a wool trailer it will in fact take any load.

The lock script ( written by Geri-G) will lock down ANY load, be it wool pallets, large bales, small bales and even small tractors, loads CAN be mixed, for example, wool pallets, large round bales, small square bales and small tractors, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. BUT remember to lock each time you add something to an existing load. The load is solid when locked and does not require you to unlock when you pass the trigger for unloading, i.e. the wool mill, it will unload it automatically without doing that. It is necessary to relock any load after restarting a saved game, the script does not lock the load on restart automatically.

It is also advisable to hit the 'O' key TWICE on the intitial load to ensure the load is really locked.

It has a folding ramp gate at the back and also a collapsible stand, all animations have ORIGINAL sounds. Lights all work and it has dust particles coming from the wheels.

To keep it within scale the trailer CANNOT load large machines onto the bed. If I made it to take large tractors the width would be out of scale and would not look realistic.

Sven777b for the lighting script
Geri-G & PeterJ for the locking script
Kaosknite and Milpol for advice during creation.

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