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Hemmeland Peninsula v1.0
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Hemmeland Peninsula v1.0

Welcome to a special card, Hemmeland Peninsula! Location is very interesting, the map is surrounded in 60% of water.

The card is great. A total of 56 fields and four fields. Fields are medium and small. These larger, there are fewer.
Some are irregular in shape, but most are in the form of a square, so that makes the job easier.
We do not buy boxes! On the farm a place where we buy is all fields. Convenient option, but it requires money. I would recommend chopper and one tractor for sale at the beginning.

There is also a BGA, our farm, country store, an interesting area, start vehicles, animals (cows only), and more ...
Works very well on the low poly PC's.

I'm sorry that there is no picture PDA

This card started to do my brother. It was a long time ago. I decided to finish this project. On the map a lot of things missing, so it is version 1.0 contains the base. As the map you will like I will continue to work :)
No error and attention to detail is very important to me!
The buildings on the map are not mine. Thanks for the Creator.
Have fun with the map wunscht Battle414 Map Team.
Download link does not change!

Battle414 (ich)

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