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Heubel Castle v0.71
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Heubel Castle v0.71

Heubel castle
Beta v0.7
Preface :
This is my first map , my first modding experience ever !
There is still much to do to it , but it is playable and all built-in functions go.
In order to make my decision easier to tinker with this map further and put a lot of time in there ,
I invite them here to get up to your feedback whether it even makes sense to continue.

For Map :
It is a fictional setting, it should represent a community in the foothills of the Alps . I have not just built on resources ,
why the map probably not likely to run on slower machines . It is not added no traffic and no milk truck ,
why you go away the milk itself must (for land trade ) . The map is designed more for single player , which is why multiplayer would NOT tested by me .

Outlets :
Country trade : wheat, barley, canola , corn , milk, straw bales
Garden Center: manure , manure, grass , straw
Market : Eggs
Butcher : Pork

Is installed :
pig -
- Watermod
Country trade
Garden Center
-1 yard
-1 village
-1 BGA
- etc .

Required Mods:
- MapDoorTrigger ( to open the doors)
- a multi - Fruit shovel (to get the fruit out of the camp )
- a pig trailer ( for transport of the pigs the butcher )
- a milk trailer ( for sale of milk behind the country store )

Known bugs :
Error : Failed to open xml file '
Error : Out- dated custom shader . '' Has version 0 Please convert this file to version 2
( I still do not find the error but maybe one of you knows the problem and could give me a piece of advice .
The game is , at least for me , not impaired )

Still planned:
- fix the known bugs
more outlets
Expand map with each point of sale
Add more details
- any new fruit varieties
Integrate traffic
Add milk and dairy Truck
Block - lime slurry manure

Baywa merchants - Kunds Modding
Garden center Weltenbauer
Village - BernieSCS
pig - Marhu
Watermod - Marhu
mobile radio tower - Jauch Paule
Cowshed - Max311
Libra - Alex2009
Liebherr Cranes - Freak36558
if I forget someone please PM to me then that is corrected

Changelog for v0.6 beta :
- All unnecessary things such as pictures or I3d 's deleted.
Changed textures
Changed - Skytexturen
installed more details
Fixed -Call Stack's errors and particle system error
Built -Other cowshed
deleted a few HD - Trees
-Fixed minor imperfections
Installed - scale


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