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Holzzange v2.0
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Holzzange v2.0


I have a wooden pliers for front loader. It is suitable also for the tribes on the Map Recovery 2011. There was no functioning pliers, I have made an existing, non-functioning umgebautTeile new and vekleinert and made functional. The clamp has powerful Gribb. It is delivered on a pallet. Before uncoupling necessarily open jaw, otherwise the game may hang while reloading.

The forceps is very difficult and, together with a tree trunk, you need a heavy rear weight.

If you have used the tree, complete with KP1 pliers, open them in KP2. If the tractor starts to dance, then slightly open the pliers. This is due to collision of the body between the tree trunk and the pliers. Otherwise, the pliers holding a rock.


In the shop to see other. Price LS 500, LS Dayli Kosts 5.

Have fun

Urmod was this tool:


Unfortunately, not controllable by the key assignment and had no grip by the size.

Das Urmodel stammt von Pontus

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