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Homemade bale fork v1.0
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Homemade bale fork v1.0

Today I present you a bale fork before I've even built, textured and total gamed.
The bale fork is built specifically for transporting 4 stacked bales, which the loading and unloading of bales dare easier during the stressful time ball.

Max Team Schroers & Bayn
The mod can be found on other sites without alteration and with the original DL link to DL!
You are allowed to upload this mod on other page's, but only uncustomized and with the original dl-link!

Modell: Max Team Schroers
Textur: Max Team Schroers
Xml&co. : Max Team Schroers
Script : Bayn

  • Nikolaj
    2014-05-26 21:05
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