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Hud for ES Limiter and hour meter v1.0
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Hud for ES Limiter and hour meter v1.0

In order to unify the view of the HUD in the LS13, I have created for the ES limiter and the hour meter from the Modcontest a new "Patch 2.0 design". The permission of the SFM Modding Team is available.

For installation:
The download file contains only the file "ESLimiter_hud.dds". To install this you have to simply drag and drop the mods folder in the File pull "ESLimiter", or open the downloaded. Dds file and the original ESLimiter_hud.dds in a graphics program and replace the latter. Then still save and you're done.

faerdi, SFM Modding, gotchTOM

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    Il faudrai sois d autre photo ou 1 video pour mieux visualiser le mod .
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