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Iberian Southland v2.0.1
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Iberian Southland v2.0.1

Crops: original and sunflower, oat, rye, spelled, cotton, tomato, cucumber. VA & scripts: Cattle fattening hudhider player camera Mixstation braurei various sellpoint storage for straw and for seeds, lime, fertilizer and cotton. You need frontoloader for load. English & Spanish, More of the 80 fields. Sized x4 Mountainous terrain Traffic in various road.

--- 1.5--
Soil mod default
Fix same texture, paint trees, more details in road mountain zone cows.
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--- 2.0 ---
- Added scripts Multifarm, with other farm for storage.
- Decoration south quarry, you can buy lime (kalk) and sell woodChip.
- Changed texture terrain, now is most clear.
- Changed texture grass terrain, now is a few dark.
- Changed heigh of the grass.
- Erease some trees.
- Painted stones near to road.
- Fixed separation in the field 53, now you can merge.
- Fixed texture the waterplane.
- Fixed texture decoration in the shop.
- Changed road front farm pigs.

--- 2.0.1 ---
- Lower shoveltarget, impeding proper loaders to load.

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-- Version MR in support topic --

Modell: Vanquish081
Desing: Vanquish081
Tested: Vanquish081

Textures: Google, cgtextures.
HudHider - Clod-http://forum.tractor-italia.net
PlayerCamera - Heady - www.planet-ls.de
PDAMod 2.0.2, SoilManagement - Freelance Modding Crew
PDAFix, SchweineZucht, Watermod, Michsattion v2, woolpalettecolector, mapsiloband - Marhu
PlaceableTipTrigger, Schweinemast, Rindermast - Sven777b
Medianera - Germany Community Group / martinbigM500
Puente Tubo - Pisty
Tienda Vehículos - Pisty
Pared Piedra - Pisty
DistanceHills - Mailman (ModsWatend)
High Watchtower - Hawkeye
Das LS-Landtechnik Team!
Edificios - ysup12
ARC - 170 - Jetstorm_477
Inland - Himmi
Silos - Pisty
Fruit Textures - Eribus, LwFarming, brzeziol, ZeFir, Tessmann85, jakub227, mor2000.
Entertainment - J seba
Deljanka - Myjaki
Montantes - TracMax & Inmanuel
Señales - Nick98_1
wasserabnahme2 - Mostwanted
ZuckerfabrikVLS13 - Schwedenkopf
Script & door Sektionaltor - Blacky_BPG
Multifarm, Digitaldisplay - Blacky_BPG
Grain Bin Pack - ThompsonM06
Script RealisticCow - xXdanielXx
paintable trees - Sean6920s, Ni Modding, vanquish081
wohnblock - admin
woodchip - rafftnix
InGameMenu - BlueTiger
Accelerate time - upsideDown

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