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IH 1480
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IH 1480

Here is a IH 1480 harvester and IH 1020 20 ft platform by Knagsted with permission to upload on AEM. I was unable to convert it with the original scripts
that it came with so i started over from scratch as far as the scripts go. Everything else remains unchanged. fixed the front tires so that they rotate without the 1480 lua and added rpm display as that was part of it also.
The 1020 head has adjustable reel, by clicking the left mouse button and moving up or down with the mouse
while holding the left mouse button down. Im not the show and tell type im the show and do so instead of keeping this to myself i felt it should be shared just like Knagsted did by making this sweet mod
for everyone. I tryed to add as much as i took away and hope i came close to somewhat making it like the original.No clue what it did before other then what is in xml and 1480 lua.
Hopefully somebody that knows what theyre doing can convert it properly with original scripts.
So until then here is my Minnesota-style version and my way of saying thanks to Knagsted for his work and the efforts made to make mods more realistic by him. So try it out and have fun with it.

This is a pack so must unzip first before you put in mods folder.

specializations: combine                          specializations: header
                                                  hold down left mouse button move mouse up or down for reel    
  selectable                Key G
  manualIgnition            KP enter
  ESLimiter                 KP plus/minus if that doesnt work use page up/page down in case of a mod conflict
  ShowHelp                  KP "0" will have commands that are not located on top left help menu

script authors: sven777b, Joxxer, Manuel Leithner, Webby, Templaer, Mofa-Killer, fruktor, Tobias F. (John Deere 6930),
ls-for-ever, Friedrich L.-Skullman
For the "Throttle" located to the right in hire-mode hold down "W". while driving non hire-mode it will move on its own while using the standard forward key("W")
Hold down "Y" for "Lever" which is located next to seat-armrest to your left
Hold down "X" for "Shifter" also to the left.
The above 3 mentioned will not activate anything just for show and will return back to position after release of said keys. if push and release real fast they will barely move so have to hold keys down for full effect.
I have added showhelp lua by pressing KP "0" which will have the keys for these and for the pulleys, auger, and spreaders Which are all "T". Must have combine selected using "G"
when doing all these. The combine schema will be green when it is selected.

I stopped adding things or else it would have gotten to be a little overwhelming and i would never get it done cuz there are still more things i could have done with it. But i am happy with the way it
turned out and hope you all enjoy it as much as i had working on it.

Once again a big thanks to Knagsted for letting me upload his work. And thanks also to all the script authors otherwise would not be possible to make it do what it does now as i lack the skull knowledge to make lua's.

Original, model, texture: Knagsted
convert 2013: skoomalegend

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