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IHC 633A v1.0
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IHC 633A v1.0

Hello Com, I have decided to publish my 633A but! Permission of The 304lsa (Uhrmodder from 633 2WD) I have, I know he's not perfect but this is my first mod and I still wehnig arning special with the GE.Ein thanks also go to FarmerP99 as he has supported me in the construction, although I have rebuilt it but YOURSELF FarmerP99 explained to me when I was not getting something I need to make another thank you also goes to the 304lsa has given me the permission to publish the IHC.

Model: Giants edit by modelleicher/304lsa/IHC1055/Mc323
Tires: Giants edit by modelleicher/304lsa/IHC1055/Mc323
Script: Face (Power custody, Operating Hours, ESLimiter)
model eicher (real steer angles, hydraulicAnimations, oldtimer lights)
Conversion (633A): IHC/Fan523
released from www.schwabenmodding.bplaced.net

Have fun with the mod wishes you IHC/Fan523

Modell: Giants, edit by modelleicher/304lsa/IHC1055/Mc323
Reifen: Giants, edit by modelleicher/304lsa/IHC1055/Mc323
Script: Face (PowerShaft, OperatingHours, ESLimiter)
modelleicher(realSteerAngles, hydraulicAnimations, oldtimerLights)
released von www.schwabenmodding.bplaced.net

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