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IMT Cattle Trailer
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IMT Cattle Trailer

This is a brand new model created with 3ds max, a self made cattle trailer.
The trailer can be used in maps that have animals defined as well as the default game fruittypes.

I added a extra feeling to the trailer by creating tipanimations that simulate the unloading off cattle.
The ramp you open/close with numpad key 9
The supportwheel you lower/raise with numpad key 8

Allowed AnimalTypes: cow sheep chicken pig beef
Allowed FruitTypes: default giants fillTypes.

Active filltypes:
<fillTypes fruitTypes="cow sheep chicken pig wheat rape maize barley grass chaff potato sugarBeet" />

change this line in the xml to suite your needs.

Usage: Transporting animals or default FruitTypes
Capacity: Depend on fillType

Use the support topic to report bugs and problems.
!!!It is not allowed to upload this trailer in any form.!!!

Model, textures, script: International Modding Team, LsA ModTeam, jengske_BE, Giants
Decker, Xentro, Sandgroper, for helping me out on the xml and scripts

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