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Ingo Map v3.0
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Ingo Map v3.0

-Where one sugar factory in V2, there is now a market
Chickens running around the yard to box 16
-Kuhzone was changed, straw in the barn abladbar
and general detail work, such as eg. Butterflies, mushrooms, etc.
-Besides the Kuhzone was moved to the Hotel from the farm
And nartürlich is a thank you to the modders whose objects were installed
so, that's it with the text, the rest you should explore yourself. MfG Ingo210578
one more thing: this Map_V_3 is not yet complete ... :)
Comments can be submitted that have a meaning and are Factually, in insults, I will report it purely from the front
So now I wish you all a lot of fun exploring the map ... :)


  • Kenny
    2014-06-17 18:20
    SCHROTT !!!
  • Mrbisonm
    2014-06-17 21:27
    Where in the world is the market on this map?
  • Mrbisonm
    2014-06-20 16:45
    Anyone around here that could lend a helping hand for my question above ......please? Thanks. ;)
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