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Inspector v1.1
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Inspector v1.1

Hi there,
I have taken the Inspector to LS15. The percentages are displayed again.
Use the key combination "ALT + A", the display will disappear.
edmund LS11, LS13 AusiMods, BADTIME LS15 v1.0
Thanks to the 3 for the preliminary work.
I could not test the mod in multiplayer.
Please Should there arise problems, give notice.
Suggestions and criticism is welcome.
Greeting Gerol

edmund LS11
AusiMods LS13
Badtime LS15 v1.0

  • Sobul
    2014-11-02 15:55 Send message
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    after update to version 1.1, I turn on the mod minimap disappears, time, and guide appears on all vehicles, after turning off everything returns to its original state, excuse me, I use Google Translate
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