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Iron Horse Farm Gold Edition
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Iron Horse Farm Gold Edition

Iron Horse Farm from the late 18th century to modern day has not changed a lot.
Still a working farm with an excellent area for farming.
There are outstanding views from The ramparts or walls of the Iron Age hill fort and you will discover a living carpet of flowers in a spectacular location.
For those times when you are perhaps seeking a moment of tranquillity and connecting with the environment just seems to work on bluebell island.
Iron Horse Farmland: 21 Fields and grassland.1 very old farm. sheep. cows. Beef and chickens and a Dealership.
special features . old fully working animated silo's. animated door triggers on Barn doors. Water Mod. Beef Mod. animated mt alligator BGA.
i started this map with a view to mixing old and the new. so you can play with modern day Farm equipment or Farming Classics if you so wish.
mods needed for map to be added to mod file of game.

Warning : This is for the higher-end PCs, with the higher clipDistances being more demanding.
Credits.Csmc. OBE modding. Mourice. Katsuo. MrFox. martinbigM500. Luculus. Raptor5. Chief86. Marhu. duarn. sandgroper. WKubota. FarmerYip. Typho0n. KundSModding.

  • Jerry
    2014-05-15 19:50
    Nice map.. Only thing I noticed so far is plowing does not work. I tried different tractors and plows and does not appear to work. Great map for MR mods and Classic pack. I think having some over grown unplowed fields to purchase would be a great add on. That way you have to buy the field them prep them. If this could be done for all non purchased fields that would be great!
  • Jerry
    2014-05-15 22:37
    Something wrong with the map. Any time you lower a cultivator or plow into the ground it will not work and the game freaks out and the tractor will not respond to commands until you lift the tool out of the ground.
  • Jerry
    2014-05-15 23:52
    Figured out the issue with the plowing and cultivating. The issue was a mod incompatibility. AAA01_InGameMenuEnhancement.zip was the culprit. So do not let my previous comments discouraging you from downloading this map. This is great map for small to medium farm lovers. I am really enjoying this map now.
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