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Iron Horse Farm
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Iron Horse Farm

For those times when you are perhaps seeking a moment of tranquillity and connecting with the environment just seems to work on bluebell island.

Farmland: 18 Fields .1 very old farm. sheep. cows. pigs and chickens and a Dealership.

Csmc. enzonext. Mourice. Katsuo. MrFox. martinbigM500. Luculus. Raptor5. Chief86. Marhu. duarn. sandgroper. WKubota. FarmerYip.

and a thank you to all that helped

  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-04-17 06:33
    Beautiful map ... not to big ... not to small ... just right!Lots of details ... water ... island ... wow ... this is farming simulator heaven.Only one complaint and one question ....The complaint ... pigs facility ... loading door has no road path and is grown up in weeds and blocked by brush! Someone apparently overlooked that part =)Question ... where do you sell the milk? Didn't see any milk processing plants so not sure where I should haul
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