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Jasion Map v1
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Jasion Map v1

Hi :) Finally came my first map. After many attempts , I managed to finish it . This is the first version so may ( but need not ) occur errors . If you experience any, please let me know by e -mail :)

Map is created under a small or medium-sized machine , just in time for Ursusy and Bison , but also Claas'y and John Deere'y . Here's what the map contains :

* Small , functional BGA
* 2 farms , one major (the ones where we start the game ), the second static where we can leave the machine
* 18 fields (small and medium ), some are irregular in shape
* Movement mleczarki and beautiful dairy
* Working Manure v2
* Pouring cereals, potatoes and beets near dairies
* Purchase of cereals , potatoes and beets at the entrance to the top
* Lime , seed , fuel
* Manure , septic tank ( liquid manure )
* Feeding and turn down the cows in the barn
* 99 % of trees without collision ( plus the employee's employment in the field )
* All buildings have collision
* Opens the gates to the O key ( not zero)
* Beautiful pasture for cows
Mod of water for cows ( you only need to buy a trailer on the water )
* 2 silos for grass or maize
* Quite a large number of trees
* New skin grass and maize
* A lot of ornaments on the map
* Scooping water from the well in the pasture
* 2 fairly big meadow where we can mow the lawn
* Uneven terrain ( hills , hills , wells)
* Beautiful long river
* Wildflowers road
* Mud on the roads
* Purchase bales and straw for farm
* Multi Terrain ( Dynamic Earth)
* Large elevation , on which we can enter and enjoy the map and mill
* File size 797 KB only map.i3d
* Weight maps together with the necessary mods : 215 MB
* The rest see for yourself ...

After downloading the file, extract it , and move the files after unpacking the mods folder . Map requires patch 2.0. Respect my work and do not edytujcie the map , as we have it on their needs. :) You can (and should :)) be on the other side , provided copy all the text and the administration 's maps - Ner3ida . You can change the link so that everyone can download the map, but only if the entire file is thrown together with other mods in the package . Yours!


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