Farming simulator 2019 mods
JD 6150R v2.0
4 0 0 1978

JD 6150R v2.0

*Ploughing Spec v2(key F7)
*New Skin,New Wheels
*Hand animation
*Front Loader Console on the button (key 7)
*Twin Wheels: Front(key num 7), Back(Kedy num 8)
*Moveable rear attacher (key 5 and key 6)
*Full lighting
*Opening doors and rear window with ic buttons
*Dynamic Exhausting System
*Manual Ignition
*Animated Hydraulic
*Wheel Particle Spec
*Moving Interior Parts
*New skale
And other…

Der Alternativlink ist die MR version

Edit: Rysiu77
Programming/TOtal edit: roller90
Hand Animation: Lechu & Aranea

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