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JD R450 windrower v1.2
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JD R450 windrower v1.2

I have reskined an olser mod and gave him a longer cutting table so as to gather more grass or straw as  possible without render the game slower also more hp now a 120 hp engin a great mod for getting your cutting and windrowing done fast hope yall enjoy


bigbear modding

  • Roller90
    2014-04-03 13:06
    You stole it.
  • Guest
    2014-04-03 13:52
    I dint steal shit this mod was sent to me without a skin and they could not get the cutting platform to work I fixed the problems that's what I do AND IF YOU GOTTA PROBLEM WITH THAT COME CALL ME A THEIF TO MY FACE AND SEE HOW LONG IT TAKES YOU TO HIT THE GROUND. YALL DONT LIKE THEM DONT DOWNLOAD IT AND THEN START ACTING LIKE A 4 YEAR OLD CHILD.
  • Reaper
    2014-04-04 21:15
    Yes you did steal it, Proof the very original mod i posted on the internet with the John Deere skin:Can be found here, no matter what you will say, the date of upload speek for itself, beside i have all orginal texture layer used for this mashup... You've been reported !http://www.ls2013.com/farming-simulator-2013/john-deere-r450-windrower.html
  • Reaper
    2014-04-05 01:43
    All i request is that you give me credit for the JohnDeere skin and the mashup and give other ppl the credit they deserve. (if you improved the mod, it's fine by me , and thank you for doing it) The credit(s) here is my issue, nothing else !
  • Guest
    2014-04-05 02:34
    I never said it was mine all I said is I made it work more efficiently if you are the ur modder fine thanks for the work you did and everyone who helped you and I appolgize for my language I just don't like being called a theif
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-01 22:53
    Wow ... that got ugly didn't it =)I remember downloading this mod ages ago ... cool mod ... only problem ... it didn't work all that well. I remember trying to use it on BrookeRidge V1.0 (yeah ... that's been awhile) and the damn thing you be cutting and all of a sudden it would stop ... and no matter what I tried it wouldn't restart hence I trashed it. Hopefully this version works better ... could always use another mower beside the Krone BigM 500 (20m version).
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-01 22:56
    REAPER - "You've been reported!"To who? Are there mod police?... and what are they going to do about it?
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-01 22:59
    BigBear ... you say you re-skinned this mod?May I ask what you using grahpics program wise to do that?Just curious =)
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-02 12:09
    Tried it on Missouri USA ... converted it to cut clover and alfalfa.At least it cut it this time ... about all I can say.Movement was not smooth ... and it was a frame rate hog. Could have been a combination of the two.GPS showed head around 10m ... no comparison to the Krone BigM 500 expanded to 20m.Nice looking mod .... has some issues though.
  • Guest
    2014-06-04 06:06
    hey realdairyfarmer I had a few friends work with me and teach me some things when I was trying to do this mod I do not recall the name of the program they used but I know that it was done quick I am just trying to learn some more about how to mod im sure I made a lot of mistakes in it but I did get it to cut lol and yeah I been waiting for the arrest warrant from the mod police lmao but they have failed to show.
  • Johndeerefanatic
    2014-06-22 07:48
    Got caught again I can see! The reason he can't give an answer is because he's lying his ass off! Every modder knows what programs they use, how fu*king stupid do you have to be to not know?This guy doesn't know anything other than how to lie his ass off! His motive is to re-upload old mods and pretend like he actually altered them and tag his name to them of course.People like this should be banned from ever being allowed to upload anything since he's been caught mult
  • Bigbear
    2014-11-29 18:51
    I admit it, I'm a theif and a liar!I have no "friends" hence the reason I never give them credit for their imaginary work.I've been busted by Reaper and others multiple times for stealing old mods and taking full credit.When I get caught, I threaten them with physical violence because that's the only response my pea-sized brain can come up with.- BigBear Modding
  • Jason
    2015-08-13 19:02
    did not show up in game. to bad a big windrower is greatly needed
  • Jason
    2015-08-13 19:03
    did not show up in game. to bad a big windrower is greatly needed why make as a rar do you know how to make a zip file seems like you do not have the knowledge . i hope some one does fix this
  • Kaede
    2016-08-03 01:40
    hi I need this mod
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