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Jeep Wrangler v2.0
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Jeep Wrangler v2.0

I offer you here a converted Jeep Wrangler for download.
Thanks again for allowing him to upload new here.

Here's what I've changed:
- Textures changed color to black and license plates
- Added tire dust
- Engine Tuning
- Hitch extended for both trailer types front and rear
- 4 wheels sets exchangeable
- On / Off blendbarer Bull catcher as well as a few accessories
(Shovel, broom, tool box and gas cans)
- Washable made (it is very dirty)
- The model slightly enlarged
- Manual ignition
- Handbrake

The Urmod comes from mailman http://www.modswanted.com/index.php?site=down_jeep

I would also explicitly states that do not originate the installed scripts from me.

Urmod: mailman (www.modswanted.com)
Umbau: AndyB78

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