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J&M 680SD Gravity Grain Wagons
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J&M 680SD Gravity Grain Wagons

A common sight throughout the Grain Belt of the United States, the J&M Manufacturing 680SD Gravity Wagon is an excellent example of American engineering. The funnel-shaped bin eliminates the need for tractor hydraulics controlling the unloading process. These trailers are perfect for large scale grain and maize farms.

Notable features on this mod include:
- Funnel-shaped large capacity grain bin for fast and efficient unloading;
- The rear hitch allows you to create a trailer train;
- Suitable to haul your standard grains and maize

By euroDZN
peterj and sam123

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    2019-02-26 22:49
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    is this for fs19?
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    2019-07-20 20:47
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    Its FOR FS13
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