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John 7R series 1.0
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John 7R series 1.0

hey guys bigbear here agin with the complet 7 r series jd tractor mods now i dint change anything in this mod but i did pay 25 bucks for the download so i figure that makes this one mine and i want to share it qwith yall for free i think everyone should b able to enjoy all mods without having to pay i dint start modding to make money i did it to help others so yall have fun with these and GET R DONE

    p.s    unpack the folder and put the other 5 in your mods folder.


  • Dexter
    2014-01-21 08:05 Send message
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    it wont unpack the file to be able to unzip the files in it
  • Guest
    2014-04-03 07:17 Send message
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    you need win rar to un zip these files
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