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John Deer multiseeder 1.0
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John Deer multiseeder 1.0

hey their guys big bear here again to introduce the john deer multiseeder a freind of mine took one of my older mods and made a great addition to the game overall i think this could be one of if not the best seeder on fs 2013 this thing will plant anything from corn to cotton to a body you want to hide from the police lol. but really outdone himeself with a new look and even smaller package when in transport mode it has a high cap urf system that will allow you to work the largest feilds without having to run back and forth to get mor fert....i just spent a six hour test with him and no errors i could find. give it a try and we hope you all like it.

i have also added a great john deer 6170 to this pack its the same one in the pics makes a great powerfull tractor for the seeder.

model bigbear

new functions and look realdairyfarmer

original horsh mod ur modder as listed

  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-20 11:11
    Big Bear ... you called it ... when your right ... your right!You still want to do a Dirt version?If you want to edit the graphics files ... I'll see if I can handle the XML code =)Never added Dirt to a mod before ... that should prove interesting ... lol.
  • Bigbear
    2014-06-20 11:24
    hey realdairyfarmer yeah I had a good hunch that it would make it in popular and yeah im working on a dirt scheme now its going a little slow but I want it to be different than anything else we have seen out so im taking pics of my skidder and layering the real dirt pics over each other I don't know what its gonna look like but this is just the first time I tried making one lol. so yes it should be a challenge .
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-20 13:30
    ... the challenge will be the coding .... I just looked at a tutorial ... good grief is that process involved!... sorting through all those node objects in Giants Editor then copying and pasting them... eek!
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-20 16:07
    Finished the coding ... made up some diffuse_dirt.dds files for testing using some grunge brushes in Photoshop. It's getting dirty ... woohoo ... I'll send you the zip sometime tomorrow so you can add your 3 dirt skins to it =)All your need to do is copy the naming on my 3 temporary dirt files in the Textures folder ... and replace them with yours.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-20 16:14
    Making sure none of the nodes were overlooked is a pain in the you know what! Of course there not hard to spot in the game once you have some dirt on the equipment ... the part will stick out like a sore thumb because it will remain nice and clean ... lol ... and who wants that?
  • Bigbear
    2014-06-21 01:40
    well im almost finished with the 3d texture file but im not sure that its goanna look right I had never had to change digital cam pics into 3d image files but I think we got it it will be a day or so before I can send you the finished product back we are going on vacation for the weekend but ill get him back so we can look it over.
  • Bigbear
    2014-06-21 01:43
    and thanks for doing the coding I almost [email protected]#$ my pants when I saw what I was going to have to do lol
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-21 09:41
    Your definitely going to have to let me in on how your doing whatever it is that your doing ... lolI'm a decent Photoshop user, I just convert the DDS files to 32bit PNG ... edit them and convert them back. As for positioning ... it's a bit of trial and error for me if there's no reference graphic =)What your doing sounds a whole lot more complicated!
  • Guest
    2014-06-21 11:23
    I wouldent be doing it if I dint have some help but I thinks me messesd up lol I may just have to use photoshop to
  • Johndeerefanatic
    2014-06-22 07:58
    ReaDairyFarmer, don't buy into this guys pack of lies!He doesn't know how to do anything other than steal mods, feed others a line of shit a mile long, and claim credit for sometime had no part in what so ever.He stole this mod from AlanFS and only tagged his name to the author XML line of code and made up some bullshit about how he added multifruit when in reality he changed nothing!Checkout the original version posted March 6, 2013 vs. his upload to this sit
  • Johndeerefanatic
    2014-06-22 08:06
    His motive seems to be re-uploading old mods and adding his name to them .... or flat out stealing them in which credit to the original authors isn't given.He's been caught more than once doing this. Hate to see someone being strung along and used and credit given to a mod thieve which deserves none!He's name should be removed from the credits ... he done nothing with this mod in anyway shape or form!
  • Guest
    2014-06-22 10:52
    I'm so pissed off I could probably spit fire!Looked into it ... that mod hasn't been altered in the least since AlanFS uploaded it more than a year ago till I came along an improved upon it.Claiming other peoples work as your own is so wrong ... that's all I'm going say and take the high ground here and just leave it at that before I just go off on a rant!
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