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John deer tribute transport pack 1.0
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John deer tribute transport pack 1.0

here is a nice transport pack with some jd thrown in you have an american iron peterbuilt flatop jd edition and coupled with a merrit trailer 50 ft a nice transport for medium size farms. GET R DONE

 p.s remember to unzip the pack ive included trailer and tractor

p.p.s  i also only upload on modhub nowhere else so if you have a mod in mind you might like to see just pm me or e mail. and as always you can do whatever you want with these mods i only ask two things dont  sell them and plz include me in the creidts

/ package /polys upgrade/bigbear

thanks to dukes for the skin of the peterbuilt

  • Albert
    2013-12-25 01:39 Send message
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    ya your mods don't work and don't go in your,s is the only one I can,t get to go in to the mods
  • Bigbear
    2013-12-25 09:14 Send message
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    you will have to unpack the zip file first then insert them into your mod folder
  • Dexter
    2014-01-21 08:05 Send message
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    it wont unpack the file to be able to unzip the files in it
  • Huneterre
    2014-11-05 23:54 Send message
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    Can I do mods with out internet
  • Bandit
    2015-12-30 23:03 Send message
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    do you have a smokey and the bandit mod.
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