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John Deere 2410 Chisel Plow [MR]
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John Deere 2410 Chisel Plow [MR]

Note: This is for the more realistic mod and requires the more realistic mod to work.

With it's innovative features, heavy duty construction, floating hitch, and ground hugging capability, the John Deere 2410 delivers unparalleled performance in all soil types.

Multiplayer ready
Version 1.0
Price $64,185
Working width: 43ft (13m)

1:1 scale
Flexes with the ground
beleuchtung 3.1

Input Bindings
Left turn lights KP_1
Right turn lights KP_3
Hazard lights KP_2
Lift/Lower Key_V
Fold/unfold Key_X

FraserCow: Model, Textures, Script edits.
JrBrown: In-game, lua Scripts, xml Scripts.
Convert to MR: Buhler & JrBrown

  • Dustin
    2014-01-20 05:14
    cant buy the john deere chisel plow. every time I click on buy it says that there is not enough room at dealership to buy. even when there is nothing at the dealership I still get this message. can someone help me so I can use this implement because that's the same as I use on my farm here in northern montana
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