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John Deere 4960
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John Deere 4960

After over a month of trying to get Knagsted's powershift script working properly, I have decided to go without it until someone finds the solution to the problem.  So I decided to use a gear script I edited to be more like a powershift script. if you don't like it just shift up to 15th and use it like normal.

Multiplayer ready
Version 1.0
Fuel Capacity 386.1L
Price  $63,800

1:1 scale
beleuchtung 3.1
Front weights
Dual Wheels
Manual Ignition
Gear script
Pivoting axle

Input Bindings
Left turn lights             KP_1
Right turn lights           KP_3
Hazard lights               KP_2
Add duals                    5
Add/Remove weight   M/N
Start                          Y/NP period
Shift up/down            Mouse left/Right

Knagsted: Original mod
Fraser Cow: Model edits, Texture, Scripting.
JR Brown: Scripts
Guido1468: Starting project, Ideas, tweaks.

  • Farmergord
    2014-03-20 20:56 Send message
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    I think the lindner geotrac was used to make this mod. It's a big tractor with a small sound. Like the tractor but it could use a 6 cylinder turbo sound not a four banger.
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