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John Deere 6150R + H360 loader
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John Deere 6150R + H360 loader

Power: 170 hp, Max / speed: 31 km / h Open doors, rear window, front linkage, hood. rearview camera, complete counterweight.

Requires patch 2.0


  • Guest
    2014-05-15 13:55
    Well, I hate to break it to you friend, but the H360 Loader on this tractor dosnt appear, nor do the loading brackets. They work fine on the original JD6150R >.< Everything else works fine though and looks really nice. I do hope you can fix the loader issue though, it would be nice to deliver pallets in quadratic style for once. ^_^
  • Guest
    2017-09-18 08:50
    is there any way you can adapt the 6150R with tracks to the 8R platform? granted it would be a little realistic but I think it would still be a pretty cool mod to have.
  • Guest
    2017-09-18 08:53
    sorry, meant to specify for FS17 for the 6150r to 8R conversion
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