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John Deere 8345R Rowcrop V1.1
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John Deere 8345R Rowcrop V1.1

Well, here's something to complement the revitalized 8360R Rowcrop Mokoaaron released.

This is a conversion of a 2011 mod from FS-UK. http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/25839

I decided that I needed an 8-Series rowcrop tractor, and with some help from Sivy with the script conversion and permission from him and SndGrdn to release, I decided to share this mod with the community.

I have deleted the outer wheel weights on the rear tires, but other than that, nearly everything in this mod is original to that edit.

Anyways, enough chatter.


Selectable rowcrop singles or duals for both the front and back axles.
Selectable front weight or fertilizer tank.
Warning bars for dual wheels.

No log errors, good performance.

Changes by SndGrdn:

1) Added the schemaOverlay information.
2) Fixed an outdated "particleSystemShader" for the dustparticle system
3) Fixed the three performance warnings when opening in GE
4) Removed GPS receiver from cab top and added Starfire
5) Remapped some keys...updated ShowHelp menu

1) Added ESLimiter (newest version)
2) Added BJR_ManualIgnition
3) Added realExhaust
4) Re-enabled ShowHelp script (updated menu options/keys)
5) Edited other scripts to not write to the in-game help menu (looks cleaner)

Seriousmods (for conversion)
Sivy (for help removing errors)
SndGrdn (for original edit)
SndGrdn (for addition of more features and correction of issues with in-game menus and key bindings)

Credits from original mod:

Original Model: Unknown

Julian11AGI --PERMISSION GRANTED-- (JD8530) (www.ls-uk.info/downloads/11/18868)
-- Goodyear Row-Crop Wheels
-- Dual Wheel Beacons

milpol --PERMISSION GRANTED-- (Watertank) (www.ls-uk.info/downloads/8/23555)
-- Watertank modified for front tank

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