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John Deere 8530 Powershift v2.2 mit FH
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John Deere 8530 Powershift v2.2 mit FH

Hi people,
I hereby present to you my fixed version of the JD 8530 SMI for disposal. I hope you have much fun trozdem mti the mod.

Features / new features:
-MR(Morerealisticmod mus be installed)
-Reifenstaub On the field
-MR TwinWeels (get more traction if displayed)
-MR Tire pressure system (brings merh traction when turned on, indicator light inside)
- Tire camber
-door, Rear window and lenkseule for folding
- Front axle Animirte
-Motorhaube And FH to open (run ran disembarking and press the button in the Help window Stands)
-MR Additional weights (bring through more weight, more traction)
-Dynamic Auspuffpartclesystem
-Digital Speed display
Displays and Lighting Interior
-Füllstangsanzeige For trailers in the interior
-Manual engine start
-MR Fulll Powershift (16.5 Lastschaltgetribe on T4 Change)
-MP Fit
-verkleinert to 58 MB !!!

I am always open to suggestions and criticism. Should I have someone in the credits About See this yet Added is if he demands it.
Released from Urmodder exists.

This mod june not be used on other sites without my permission on the DL!
Only the original DL link use!

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