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John Deere 9750sts multi fruit
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John Deere 9750sts multi fruit

This is a combine that I found awhile back (not sure where) and finale had time to sit down and fix a few bugs it had. This combine has nice detail and no error codes in my logs with multiple tests on 7 maps to ensure proper working order. What I added was a grain tank animation for the loading auger grain, fixed unloading problem so now can unload fully and on the go, added new fruits to the combine.

What this combine can do/ harvest is wheat, corn(maize), soybean, oats, canola (rape), barley, sunflower, sorghum, and will windrow wheat, barley, oats. The grain tank has a 20000l capacity and big bin extension, with the option of single or dual row crop wheels,ES limiter, and hour counter.

I did not build this mod just fixed small problems and added fruit. Only credits I could find for the mod were for Rafazr, he did have a thread open while back about doing work to this model. So enjoy this mod it is my favorite right now and a good combine.


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