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John Deere 9770STS MultiFruit Missouri USA Version
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John Deere 9770STS MultiFruit Missouri USA Version

This was altered just for the Missouri USA map.

- New crop ... Blackeye Peas! (... the rest were already covered in previous releases.)
- Altered Poppy (Mohn) fillPlane, Particles, etc. to match Groednertal map shortly after release of V3.1.
- V3.1 update is here so if you didn't download and install it ... don't wonder ... this is based off it instead of V3.0.
- Changed XML title name so users of Vehicle Group Switcher will be able to easily tell the two combines apart.

I can't remember changing anything else .... so guess that's it.
Pack includes both Combines and the 650FD Header ... no changes to the Corn Header so no point in adding it to ZIP pack.
I'm just glad were finally running out of crops to add ... lol =)
Download .... and turn these beast lose on Missouri USA!

ATM Modding, RaFaZR, T0bi69, FORMULA_1, RealDairyFarmer

  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-30 12:35 Send message
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    Wow ... no complaints yet?Trust me ... it deserves it this time =)I jumped the gun on this map big time and left out plenty of stuff!-Sudangrass ... totally over looked that ... it's meant to be combined (oops)-Map has one corn that is treated as two ... corn & maize (oops)-Cotton meant to be combined (produces a windrow when combined)
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-30 12:42 Send message
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    Update will be released tomorrow ....-Added Sudangrass to 24 row Corn Header plus Combines (shares Sorghum planes, particles, etc.)-Millet now has it's only separate plane, particles, etc.-Corn & Maize added to 24 row Corn Header-Cotton added to 650FD Header plus Combines-Corn, Maize, Millet, Oat, Cotton produce a windrow (what maps supports)-Altered BlackeyePea straw/chopper particles-Sudangrass has new straw/chopper particlesMap should be f
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