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John Deere 9950 Cotton Harvester V1.2
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John Deere 9950 Cotton Harvester V1.2

- Fixed motor code (Speed Level 1 - combine wouldn't move)
- Reduced AttachJoint Rotation (Head to close to ground ... dragging ... causing steering problems only when harvesting)
- Reposition thresher particles on 8 Row Head to match 4 Row (no longer off to the left hand side)
- Made tires slightly bigger to help with the clipping through axle assemble (no longer poking through rim either)
- Added Driving Particles Script
- Added Wheel Particle Script
- Added Dynamic Exhaust Script
- Added Real Exhaust Particle Script
- Altered Motor Sounds (if you like the orginals better ... just dump them back into the "sounds" folder and edit the XML file)

I thinks that's it ... it's not perfect by any means.  It's in need of a 3D modeler to make axle or rim extensions for the rear axle assembly to get the rear tires away from the body a bit which would help with the clipping issue.

What would really be cool is if someone could write a script that disabled the pipe out code at 80% and make it at 100% instead.  It looks a little crazy for a cotton combine attempting to dump at 80%  ... it defies the laws of physics as to how that cotton stays in there =)

Hopefully this helps out the person(s) working on this mod.

FS11 Original
Model: Chrisp267
Textures: Chrisp267
Script: Chrisp267
Original FS11 scripting has been removed.

Conversion to FS13: iB055
Updated Textures: iB055
3D Model Fixes: iB055
Lighting: iB055
Beleuchtung v3.1: Sven777b
Corrected header settings courtesy of gordon0803.

Screenshots by Seriousmods
Testing: MikeLowery and iB055

  • Guest
    2014-06-08 02:27 Send message
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    great mod but I agree if someone could make it so it stoped at 100% and did not open until a trailer was under the unloading platform that would be great.
  • Danas
    2015-12-06 01:42 Send message
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    please bring over the 8 head cutter from 2013 to 2015. thank you
  • Cotton modules in fs17 now
    2017-11-12 14:25 Send message
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k60QlI0tykIHere is a PROPER COTTON MODULE IN FS17 Now!
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