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John Deere BO Lindeman Crawler v1.0
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John Deere BO Lindeman Crawler v1.0

Jesse G. Lindeman and the Lindeman - John Deere BO Crawler alongwith other equipment was designed and built by Jesse and his three brothers, Harry, Ross & Joe at Lindeman Power Equip. Co., North West Equip. Co. & Co. Lindex in Yakima, Washington in between 1921 and 1998th
This tractor does not have a hitch 3-pt so you only can you pull type implements.
Store Price: $ 1,500
Fuel Capacity: 20L
Top Speed: 10 mph

Original 3D Model, and textures: Trekker
Original Scripting: Trekker, harley, 352c and shangry66
Reskin and converison: bobcat_T-320
Fixed some issues: SndGrdn
Model A parts: kaosknite
Conversion to FS13: iB055
Misc 3D parts/decals: iB055
Scripting: iB055
Initial in game testing: iB055

  • Guest
    2015-01-09 11:13 Send message
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    i would like to know if you can convert this for fs 15 please
  • Russell bannister
    2015-07-15 05:43 Send message
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    I'd like to see this converted for fs 15 as well. Would like to see a JD 520, 530, 620, 630, 720, 730, and other models of the old "Johnny Popper" antique tractors. I'm sure that somebody is tinkering with these models
  • William
    2020-01-04 16:40
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    would love this for fs19
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