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Joskin pumping 25,000 barrels TRS TRIDEM v3.0
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Joskin pumping 25,000 barrels TRS TRIDEM v3.0

Dear MH community I want to introduce to you today my Joskin Cistern with trailing hose for Farming Simulator 2013!
It works in SP and MP in wonderful it only has 1 UV stop the error but does not affect the game!
The UV error I'd like to fix but since I no Maya or otherwise possess, it is not possible for me to fix that!
Original model and the old texture comes from Daniel11 release occurs thanks for that!

It has:
* lighting script v3.1
* suitable Spotlight
* New tires with tire pressure control systems (non-working) (Agroton155)
* Power detention (SFM)
* all files converted to the better dds format
* New skin for the drum
* Level indicator fully functional
* animated support leg
* Skin Joskin
* new tires installed
* New logo Joskin
* Warning signs

I attended some games on Facebook! :-)
So of it is about it now, nothing special but I hope you like it is!
So need not be unpacked directly into the Modsordner have fun and be!
Samson Mfg Schlosser

Johni 6530

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