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Kaliskie Micro Klimaty v1.0
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Kaliskie Micro Klimaty v1.0

Hi all.I present to you my next map, Which Has not repeating climate.
The map includes:
Cow farms
-One fully playable farm
Interestingly-shaped area
Mod manure, slurry and lime
Shop machinery, agro-effect
-Purchase of cereals Tasomix
Buying potatoes and beet Kal-Sad
-And much more, see for yourself
i3d maps is 1.1 MB and i3d. shapes 14.6 mb


  • Guest
    2014-07-11 18:13
    Please change the link to the originalhttp://uploaded.net/file/fmlufbuf
  • Andzis
    2014-07-14 00:17
    Dont change it, it faster if its like this.
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