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KAMAZ T215 ULTRA 3 v1.0
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KAMAZ T215 ULTRA 3 v1.0

In the package: tractor, front loader, bucket two, one - multi second manure 1500 kg capacity each, trailer with additional transformer wheels on board and fueling station PTKTS2012ZHSM (all sold separately). Animation: All major controls, dashboard, steering wheel, sun visor, pedals, sunroof , windshield wipers, door, rear window, their pnevmodovodchiki, rear hitch CX guns, front suspension arms, tie rods, front loader hydraulic system, transforming parked trailer. The tractor also has a feature to adjust track width rear wheels and the inclusion of additional information. Forward Lighting. There can be disabled autoreturn steering. There is a dynamic dusty trail, as well as dirt from under the stingrays while driving on a plowed field. Tractor "crush" culture. Maximum speed 40km/h.

Requires patch 2.0 and MoreRealistic Mod.

Model/Texture: Jaba
Sound/Skripty/Debug Start
Conversion: irakls
Edit/More Realistic: Jenya_Arxipov

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