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Karnkow map v1
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Karnkow map v1

Whats up. I present to you the latest map by me :) I'm sure you have seen it already on let \ 's playach so now it seems :)

The map contains:
* Polish climate
Mod lime v2
Manure Mod v2
Mod v2 slurry
* Water drawn in the ditch
Mod pigs
* Chickens and cows
* Manure is pushed out
Super Silo
* Small field
* 1 farm
Mod v2 weeds

New crops such as rye, triticale, oats and mustard catch crop :)
The map will also focus and manual carriage of milk :)
Well, novelty invented by me or MOD BETWEEN. :)

Thank users: Matt26, Seba Seba j, Turbo, Bobas315


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