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Kato KA 1300 SL
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Kato KA 1300 SL

Kato KA 1300 SL for Farming Simulator 2013 - 55 km/h Lighting, secondary camera, swivel bridges. Granted benzin666.

Authors: pcspast, dimanix

Installation: Copy the files from the archive into the folder My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2013\mods\
File Size: 16.57 Mb

pcspast, dimanix

  • Guest
    2014-04-10 19:24 Send message
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    You did a wonderful job on the crane mod. I was wondering just one thing. Is there any way you can make the cable raise and lower? It would make it easier to recover loads in tight places, and it would also make it more realistic. Other than that thank you for your hard work.
  • Woopwoop
    2015-05-21 21:13 Send message
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    i don't get it.... he still doesnt work i have titanium edition does that matter?
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