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Kaweco slurry tanker with trailing hose v1.0
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Kaweco slurry tanker with trailing hose v1.0

This Kaweco slurry tanker was converted from JoPim and Modding station from the LS11 LS13 on and of course has the release for download
JoPim has not only converts but also the lighting on 3.1 improves and also installed tire dust.

Capacity: 25,000 Liters
Cost: 120.000 €
Upkeep: 77 / day

Slurry tankers with animated intake on mouse control

Lighting v3.1 by Sven77b
DrivingParticleSystem by Manuel leithner

Model: meistro, Repi
Texture, game, animations: Repi JoPim
Wheels: SFM-Modding Tuning: MadMax (SFM-Modding)
Mouse control: Kleener-Putzi Powered by MRA Modding
Convert LS11 LS13 on: JoPim
Built tire dust (field and paths): JoPim

Must NOT be uploaded as a tag without permission on other platforms or.

Modell: meistro, Repi
Textur, Ingame, Animationen: Repi JoPim
Reifen: SFM-ModdingTuning: MadMax (SFM-Modding)
Maussteuerung: Kleener-PutziPowered by MRA-Modding
Konvertierung von LS11 auf LS13: JoPim
Einbau Reifenstaub (Feld und Wege): JoPim

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