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Kenworth Truck Budweiser V1.0
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Kenworth Truck Budweiser V1.0

Here is the matching Budweiser Truck
the truck is originally by Javior007 and big boss modding.
I have added a new paint scheme, have adjusted the speed of the truck to where it will work well with big maps for long hauls.
the matching budweiser truck ist auch i hope you enjoy
Credits go to the Following
Big Boss Modding
So Getsome2030 for assis ting me with adjusting the picture and store the truck icon in game.
hope you enjoy it ....
PS .. Please do not infringe on the original mod or it's credits. do the right thing and get permission from the modders.
You are not allowed to re release this mod with any of my additions or Javior007 or big boss without modding Their permissions.
and yes ive read your comments about this being to nice for a farming game .....
Im from Kansas in the united states our farming trucks and cargo trucks look amazing

Big Boss Modding

  • Kenny
    2014-06-26 18:50 Send message
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    SCHROTT !!!
  • Guest
    2014-08-27 21:55 Send message
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    awesome truck
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