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Kluiserland v1.0
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Kluiserland v1.0

Hello LS-Suchtis,
I got the map is still found on the plate with me.
The name is because I work in Kluis on the island of Rügen, the division of the farm is like with us in Real. There are large fields and therefore good for MP or SP with Course Play.
What was installed?
Cattle fattening in cows
Sugar factory
Slurry, manure and Kalkmod
Manure interim storage at the sugar factory
Mist interim storage at the BGA and for field 12 in the little forest
Wither is disabled (otherwise you can not bear the harvest yes) and the fields are purchasable.
I would like to thank all the objects I have installed.
Since I am not a great writer is also closing it.
Have fun testing I wish you.
Mfg hirsch6920


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