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Klutzer angle v1.0
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Klutzer angle v1.0

"They love agricultural technology in a big way ? " "Looking for fields that are far above 10 ha" " You want to manage the courtyard of a large company ? " " In short, they want it all one size bigger ! "
With these quotations began more than four years ago at LS 09 a never ending story , the history of Mecklenburg Vorpommern Map series of Maurer Matze .
This was followed by maps with the name Mecklenburg Vorpommern, MVP 2 MVP and 3, all for LS 09
In LS 11, the MVP 3 was also converted, but never made available to the public .
It was not until the time of the agricultural simulator 13 was the MVP3 converted flawlessly and released in November of 2013 with the name MVP4 by Bulldog13 ( Tobi ) and fendtxylon524 (Anton) .
From an idea out and make it easy to try it , have farmers Pitti and I made to convert this to us Map to our expectations.
And from the "testing idea" out the " Klützer angle" map is created .
Based on the MVP 4 of Maurer Matze (LS 09) , Bulldog13 and fendtxylon524 (LS 13 ), various modifications to the map were made , which should approximately reflect the eastern room and remember through the design of the courtyards of the terrain an EX -LPG .
The map creates no LogFehler .
Required Scripts: MapDoorTrigger zip and zip Klützer angle simply copy the modfolder .
Where does the Windmillwave ?
Where the Course Play xml to get there?
2 Course are also in , simply move the XML in your savegame and already you have the courses from the dealer to Technikhof and Technikhof to the dealer.
If this is not desired , simply do not add .
There are now traffic (thanks Fendxylon ), milk truck and pedestrian (thanks to farmers Pitti )
Yes, everything was installed and it cost quite a bit nervous .
Is from rotting ? Yes , it's over.
Fields purchasable ? No, was too expensive , except for a box purchase trigger on the farm.
A user manual with description of the map is . Please read before the gamble so that there be no pointless questions.
We would like to thank Mason Matze , Bulldog13 and fendtxylon524 , for their hard work in advance and permission to publish the map.
Our thanks to all the modders who build in your spare mods , scripts and objects to you then ask the users available and thus make the Agricultural Simulator for an excellent game also applies .
A big thank you also goes to the age of sunshine , which have uncovered many errors through numerous tests and were helpful to us with your experience with so many questions. The PDA is also through the participation of Ages ( Snickers ) emerged as rich in detail , thank you .
But fendtxylon524 Eckert35 and we want to thank , as they often have supported us with your expertise in the field of GE . A thank you also goes to the grave agricultural field for numerous tests.
Should you encounter on the map are discovered , which certainly happens, then we ask for polite and factual communication of this error . No man is perfect and you have to remember that the map was converted by 2 simulator generations.
So now, but ran to the gamble .
Have fun Larrseine ( the map has rebuilt ) and farmers Pitti ( Responsible for textures , PDA traffic and Maphandbuch )
Credits : Maurer Matze , Fendtxylon524 , Bulldog13 , Eckart35 , Tommy r , or THP1985 Odin1985 (mountains halls , advertising signs )
Various other objects from 09 , 11 and 13, in which we were unfortunately the creator could not locate .
If we have forgotten anyone , please let us message , then we wear this after .....

Maurermatze, Fendtxylon524, Bulldog13, Eckart35, Tommy r Odin1985 oder THP1985(Bergehallen, Werbeschilder) rafftnix
diverse Osteuropäische Modder

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