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Klutzer angle v2.0
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Klutzer angle v2.0

BETA Klützer angle V2
of Alfi_KGB » Mon January 13, 2014 3:37 am
Hi, I want to tell you the BETA Klützer angle V2 times vorstellen.Die card is converted to modified . There are known bugs of the corrected V1 and there is continuous improvement of the cards geben.Baubeginn : 3.1.2014VRAM : 694MB on VERY HIGH settings Here you have a current Changelog times from me : 1 Adapted walkway at Lidl and Advanced2 . BGA Vermenter functioning now beide3 . Plane angepasst4 of the Vermentern . Straw and Grass Trigger trigger to unload angepasst5 the cow shed and pigsty. Traffic signs hinzugefügt6 . Texture by the dealer and Lidl car park verbessert7 . Manure Mistmod hinzugefügt8 . Silage silos capacity angepasst9 . Kuhzucht10 . Way to fetch water in the pig and BGA added with Wendekreis11 . Feed mixing plant at the Kuhställen12 . Feed stores added in the Kuhstellen13 . Manure plan set down so that they at full inflation not in the air sind14 . The straw and grass plan adapted the barn that you can now also see when you einfüllt15 what . Hühnerzucht16 . Schadensmod / Werkstattwagen17 . Mod for the PDA so that it anzeigt18 the fill from the feed store . When potato storage in the pig the hall away and so constructed that one kann19 unload there. Terrain adjusted ( for hours ) 20 All fields made buyable (not yet adjusted to fit) 21 Milk tank added . Was previously only an invisible trigger there. 22 Extended textures and adapted by the Landschaft23 . Improve performance ( 27/2/14 ) 24 PDA and PDA symbols angepasst25 . Gas station and tank containers installed at varying prices ( scripte Blacky_BPG ) 26 Install cereal to buy and then to bring grain storage ( scripte Blacky_BPG ) ( 27/2/14 ) 27 Towns and cities , etc. made chic ( new houses , etc.) 28 New animated flags added to the merchants. Old gelöscht29 . Built workshop with function (scripts Blacky_BPG ) 30 Sale trigger the merchants hinzugefügt31 . Purchase Trigger hinzugefügt32 the merchants. Missions installed (only Mähmissionen ) 3 Stück33 . New building added for Wolleverkauf34 . All chicken eggs platziert35 properly. Morgennebel36 . That one grain that can charge from the conveyor belt ( 27/2/14 ) 37 Change All sliding doors on to the correct sliding doors and make ( Update 28/1/14 ) 38 Field numbers added that it also sees whether purchased or nicht39 . Added PDA map to print ( update 13.1.14 ) 40 Warehouse added for corn the warehouses next to the dealer ( update 13.1.14 ) 41 Fertilizer to buy and store the signature . Scripts of Blacky_BPG ( 27/02/14 ) 42 Each Vermenter now has its own Güllegrube43 . Wax plant eingebaut44 . Extended and adapted fences at the BGA ( update 29/01/14 ) Black : completed sachenRot : points that are still done have pictures consequences in kürze.Erlaubnis Maurer Matze and Lars A are . I am still looking for one that could suit me the fields to buy. Numbers is everything and for the PDA the numbers. It's about setting the Corners . Please enter only people who are familiar with it real. More details and information will follow then .

The bug report or error messages / requests / proposals are processed through the forum of Black_BPG.

If you have any questions or requests, you can watch here with me register new Alfi_KGB

- Mauhru für viele scripte von seinem mods
- DDR Wassertank - PaPa
- Mischfutteranlage- Marhu
- Futterlager- frisco0177
- Futterlager PDA Erweiterung - mx11
- Zuchtanlagen

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