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Kockerling Trio 300 v1.0 NKB Modding
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Kockerling Trio 300 v1.0 NKB Modding

The update 2.0 or later must be installed so that this mod works. Here Download

This is the version with MR!

- Real Lights
- From / ankoppelndes light cable
- Disconnect when not "sink" into the ground
- Pull-out side panels with its own help text
- Washable
- Catchment Animation
- Oscillating roller
- ParticleSystem to the crowds and the roller

We wish you much fun with the mod

This mod may be made without prior approval from us, to any other sites to download., The mod may not be modified without the consent of the great modders or re-uploaded
( Home - ls-galaxy.de ) The mod may only be used for the Farming Simulator 2013! Not for other games.

Modell: bahoo222
Textur: madabub
Ingame: fendtfahrer(95)
MR Version: Kleinefarm

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