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Koegel BaleTrailer Autostack v1.0
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Koegel BaleTrailer Autostack v1.0

This mod wil automaticly collect bales. This will only work for big nog bales from the crown Rough packing presses. In later versions I will add things suchs as woolpackets bale and other types as small, normal, round.

WARNING: Do not leave your game with bales on the trailer attached, theywill be deleted when leaving the game.

Have fun auto stacking and being lazy! : D

So visit our Dutch community at fs: www.fs-Community.nl

ETS2 : Original
corad60 : Original
SDB_NL : Autostacking function

  • Jaggi316
    2014-02-06 21:18 Send message
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    where can i get the baler that makes the bales this trailer hauls?
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