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Krampe Bandit 980 EXTREME v1.0
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Krampe Bandit 980 EXTREME v1.0

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Krampe Bandit 980 EXTREM

wheat rape maize barley chaff grass sugarBeet energieweide potato sunflower

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Kyosho's Modfactory

  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-03-15 07:12 Send message
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    Awesome tipper! Can only find one fault with it. Your grain fill plane is totally unrealistic. Grain doesn't pile up in a trailer like chaff or manure, it tends to settle and flattens out and it's not curved or rounded at the edges. Hence the reason you don't see grain trailers filled like this because it would spill out onto the ground! Other than that, this mod is perfect.Love the option to add or remove the extensions to vary the capacity.
  • Jan


    2014-05-06 12:28 Send message
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    was hat der für ein ladevoluimen?
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