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Krampe BS900 MultiFruit Pack V1.0
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Krampe BS900 MultiFruit Pack V1.0

Krampe BS900 MultiFruit Pack v1.0
Here it is .... the trailer pack I've been promising =)
- 2 Trailers (for Trucks ... capacity 32900L & 46900L)
- 2 Wagons (for Trucks ... capacity 32900L & 46900L)

If your using the John Deere 9770STS pack or Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit ... your in for a treat because this pack goes along with those mods ... everything is matched up!

Lots and lots of photshop work and fixing code!  I've tested most of the supported crops but I'm not going to test them ( for fear of going insane) so if you find an error/mistake ... please inform me in the comments section below and I'll correct it ASAP.

Fruits/Crops Supported
1 - Wheat
2 - Rape
3 - Maize
4 - Barley
5 - Potato
6 - SugarBeet
7 - Chaff
8 - Corn
9 - Sudangrass
10 - Cotton
11 - BlackeyePea
12 - Peanut
13 - Plum
14 - Kohlrabi
15 - Cherry
16 - Hops
17 - Strawberry
18 - Apple
19 - Manure
20 - Silage
21 - Lime
22 - Fertilizer
23 - Seeds
24 - Dinkel
25 - Hemp
26 - Oat
27 - Millet
28 - Sorghum
29 - Carrot
30 - Mohn
31 - Rye
32 - Soybean
33 - Sunflower
34 - Triticale
35 - Pea
36 - Sand
37 - Gravel
38 - Grit
39 - Onion
40 - Rice
41 - Redcabbage
42 - Whitecabbage
43 - Cotton
44 - Greenwheat
45 - Cucumber
46 - Tomato
47 - Forage
48 - Forage-Mix
49 - Grass Windrow (grass)
50 - DryGrass Windrow (grass)
51 - Alfalfa Windrow (grass)
52 - Clover Windrow (grass)
53 - Wheat Windrow (straw)
54 - Barley Windrow (straw)
55 - Hemp Windrow (straw)
56 - Oat Windrow (straw)
57 - Rye Windrow (straw)
58 - Millet Windrow (straw)
59 - Sorghum Windrow (straw)
60 - Triticale Windrow (straw)
61 - Dinkel Windrow (straw)
62 - Cotton Windrow (straw)
63 - Corn Windrow (straw)
64 - Maize Windrow (straw)
65 - Soybean Windrow (straw)
66 - Sudangrass Windrow (straw)
67 - BlackeyePea Windrow (straw)
68 - Pea Windrow (straw)
69 - Rice Windrow (straw)
70 - Greenwheat Windrow (straw)
71 - Sunflower Windrow (straw)
72 - Mohn Windrow (straw)
73 - Rape Windrow (straw)

Hopefully, you feel it was worth the wait ... and have fun with it =)

Mod - Dimanix
Code Editing, Graphics, Additional Crops, Testing, etc. - RealDairyFarmer

  • Wilksy
    2014-06-05 17:08
    Thanks for your hard work! Your edit of the 9770's makes them BY FAR the best combines available imo. Now, to have matching tippers is the icing on the cake. Thanks again! Wish I had the patience to do what you do.
  • Wilksy
    2014-06-05 19:11
    OK, after testing, I'm having some trouble unloading into these tippers. The low body version has to literally collide with the 620 harvester to unload. The tall body version seems to have a very narrow unloading trigger with the 9770 as well. Am I doing something wrong?
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-05 21:38
    The Maxtron 620 is a pain to unload and not really meant to directly unload into these tippers. The Kroger HDK 302 seems to be one of the few tippers that will work with the 620.It's not a problem with the tippers is that it's a issue with the Maxtron 620 itself. The Tectron 415 (Potato) unloads perfectly with these tippers.Hence the reason I'm working on the Kroger tipper just for the direct unloading of the Maxtron 620 for things like the use of CoursePlay.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-05 21:42
    As for the combines, I experienced no issues with the tippers during testing and I used the tall body tipper the most ... even paced along side the combines.Not sure about a narrow trigger ... I'll look into it .... can't seem to remember that being an issue though.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-06 00:05
    Fixed the low body version ... now loads correctly .... ExactFillRootNode set much to high!Uploaded fix v1.1 ... 9.9kb zip ... drag-n-drop i3D files replacing existing one's in your zip file.Going to look at the big body versions later on tonight ... gotta go milk cows (for real) so let me know if you find anymore issues.I appreciate your guys help testing these =)
  • Guest
    2014-06-06 05:05
    great job real dairy farmer really nice set of mods hey I got a question something I have been looking for for a long time now is a multifruit overloader I cant find one but I have the perfect model to make one out of could you take on this task I will gladly compensate you for the time by pay pal or whatever you like the mod I have in mind wich would be for my personal use is the FSM PEECON CARGO 62000, this is like the last piece I need to complet my set
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-06 08:12
    Thanks =)I'm familiar with that mod ... tested it when it came out and wasn't that impressed with it. Functioned fine but the graphics were a pixelated before it stretched out the mapped decal which detracted (in my opinion) from the mod. ... you sure that's the one you want?I had planned on working on the Kinze 1050 overloader which in my opinion are much better mods (quality wise).
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-06 08:17
    If your dead set on the Peecon ... I can alter it but it's going to be a lot more work for me since it discharges from the auger & rear door which means a ton of particle i3D files for both and XML code to add.The Kinze 1050 only discharges from the auger (less work) ... plus the Kinze is a grain cart only where the Peecon is dual purpuse which means it can handle lots of things which means even more work because of all the fillPlanes and i3D editing.
  • Guest
    2014-06-06 09:41
    the kinze will work perfectly also just let me know how much you want to do this for me and we can make arrangements my e mail is [email protected] I just really want a multifruit overloader for my collection and I have used the kinzi befor theirgreat mods.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-06 13:13
    Won't cost you a thing ... like I said before .... I'm going to alter them anyway ... I need an overloader too =)Plus, I don't own the mods and it wouldn't be right to accept payment for something that doesn't belong to me ... that's a sure fire way to make someone really mad.I'm sure I make enough people mad altering things without pissing gasoline onto a fire ... lol.They'll probably be uploaded in a few weeks depending on how much free time I have.
  • Guest
    2014-06-06 21:02
    well thanks a lot I really appreciate it maby when I get better at this we could take on a new mod together I want to do a combine that is all ic controlled but that's in the future lol maby.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-07 09:14
    Please download V1.2 instead which I believe is 100% fixed ... http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2013-mods/krampe-bs900-multifruit-pack-v1-2/
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