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Kuhn GMD66
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Kuhn GMD66

Rotary mower Kuhn suspended for three point linkage of the tractor. It has a safety mechanism when the invasion of the obstacle with adjustable ground pressure by a spring strain relief . Compact in transport position .

Most ordinary rotary mower Kuhn , a transport mode activated by pressing X. Model Agromet made ​​at the time of the FS11 , the script is responsible Henly20 with FS -UK and for programming Fumski . Compatible fully with the FS13 . Mod is not a novelty because it already circulating the web this mower with the script is not fully compatible with the new version of the game , I corrected this and that , I programmed from scratch and decided to share.

I do not have permission Agromet , but I found if I improved mod should not be any glitches . I know that , and so that no one reads and only look at the pictures but it does not hurt to try to make the effort .

I reserve the issue of what age kol editing , editing mode for your needs does not interest me . In adopting the above mod by signing up for the author will provide the person issuing it . Respect the work of a true modders copying the entire contents of the post if you want to make a mod on another forum . You can find me on the forum stated in ModDesc . Have a good game , he asked me to report errors on the CI .

Henly20 and Fumski

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