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Kuhn LSB 1290iD Twin-Pact
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Kuhn LSB 1290iD Twin-Pact

Simple technology that produces rock-hard, super-dense and well-shaped bales characterizes KUHN LSB balers. With a bale chamber dimension of 120cm width and 80cm height on the LSB 1270 or a various bale height of 80/90 cm on the LSB 1290 KUHN LSB balers provide flexibility. Thanks to unique innovations such like Integral Rotor and Power Density the KUHN LSB balers are made for their purpose; baling without compromise. Unique on the LSB balers is that they will bale all various crops such like silage, hay, straw, alfalfa, maize straw and even hemp without any additional changing’s. Where crop cutting is require the OmniCut cutting device will do the job. All main intake functions are protected by cam clutches to provide maximum security and efficiency. After the crop is gathered and pre-compressed in the pre-chamber, the crop is moved upwards into the bale chamber in front of the plunger. Reaching its pre-set length the bale is secured by 6 twines knotted by the patented TWIN-STEP® Knotting system. All LSB models are ISOBUS compatible.

Item origins and original authors
This is a baler from back in FS2011 that has been converted to as best can be, The mod is of very good quality and deserves to have place in FS2013.
Daniel11 and Xandl1 are the original authors of this mod.


  • Texture - All textures have been altered for performance along with changes to make it the 1290 and not the 1270 it once was.

  • Model - The model is pretty much the same though I have added an image file with a picture of a fan and bale mover to the rear for more detail as originally this was left blank.

  • Particle systems - This model now benefits from a full intake and working dust particle system, the particle system has a small delay for when the collector is raised or switched off, this so the dust particles continue.

  • Wheels - The wheels are taken from the original krone and are set up in the XML for rear steer.

  • Weight and physics - I have gone over to get the most correct real weight but have had to reduce it a little bits due to handling,

  • Counting and releasing bales - Auto counting bales with Kuhn designed HUD, to close work mode, press X and the last one or two bales will evacuate.

  • RPM - Enter work mode and turn the pto on, this will raise the RPM level up.

  • Light script - This mod has full lighting using proper light decals as well as some coronas

  • Bales - Bales have been modified from the standard ones they once were, They have a new model and have been set up similar to the quadrant ones.

  • Fill types - wheat_windrow barley_windrow dryGrass_windrow grass_windrow

fillTypes fruitTypes="wheat_windrow barley_windrow dryGrass_windrow grass_windrow"

Helpful information
This mod will require the latest patch

This mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

You may share this mod on other websites clearly stating all authors and must include and only the original LSUK link, no edits are allowed unless authorization by myself or any of the other main authors has been granted.


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Original authors from 2011: Daniel11 and Xandl1
Conversion along with texture tiding up and cleaning p the in game: Petorious
Particle scripting and tiding up: Decker
Testers: Petorious, Sotillo, Agentobsideon, Chris7710, Edward Adams, Olly Peace
If you feel I have left any names out please contact me so it can be ammended

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