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Kuhn SPV 12 Confort v1.0
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Kuhn SPV 12 Confort v1.0

The mod is not mine by special PhKr changed, I only have the kaperzität, the tank contents and the cost in the shop the kaperzität is now at 50,000 liters, the tank contents at 300 l and the price in the shop at 150,000 €
I know that my modified data are unrealistic but I have a very high number of cows and so annoyed that I had to always go back and forth a thousand times me, so I have the kaperzität set to 50,000.
I do not want any stupid comments have unrealistic as the car is, if you do not like should not download it easy

PhKr hat das Fahrzeug gemoddet und ich habe einige daten geƤndert

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