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Kverneland plow Pack PW RW Packomat v5.99 Beta MR
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Kverneland plow Pack PW RW Packomat v5.99 Beta MR

update 10/25/2014
Pure performance! The Kverneland PW-RW Packomat-pack is ideal for any size of business. You can buy the two separately and plows used individually or together. Together creates the pack up to 6 meter working width can be reduced manually. Additionally the packer also dig and hide. The Pack is GPS + AutoTractor + LS-helper fit.
The conversion of this mod was pure horror and the concept we had to knock several times. Ultimately, we are some compromises so that received the various functions and animations work together. This first beta version should work in MP.

Pack content:
- Kverneland plow 4 Schaar
- Kverneland plow 8 Schaar
- Claas Xerion 3800VC Chip Tuning
- Claas Xerion 3800VC front weight
- GPS Mod

- Rdy helper
- AutoTractor rdy
- Washable 5 hours
- Auto terrain. height adjustment
- Dynamic soil Schaar / Packer Particlesystem
- Width adjustment team 4-6 meters (impact only at MR)
- Depth adjustment team + - 16cm (effect only at MR)
- Packer deactivated incl physics (Phys effect only at MR.)
- Dynamic inserting troop for troop and not all at the same time
- Rusty Schaare on long runs or rain, polish themselves at work
- Installed field detection limits when activated no Grass deleted at the field edge
- Claas Xerion has in the MR version another gear stage T4, testing times and give feedback

- You can only disconnect the 4 Schaar plow, if you have turned the team right
- Packers only work up to 80% working width, then let the Packer positions on the field because they do not provide the full working width
- Ideal for speed and expose 6 kmh

Control Kverneland Beta:
You should always make sure which device you have chosen.
Button X ---------- transport and center position
Press Y ---------- Auto Lift. And turn in mid-position
Button V ---------- Manual Lift
Button B ---------- Full fast rotation
Button J ---------- working width more
Key N ---------- working width less
Key K ---------- Packer high
Key M ---------- packer down
Key KP7 ---------- Packer
Button LShift + J ---------- plowing depth higher
Button LShift + N ---------- plowing depth deeper
Button LShift + K ---------- plow working width wider
LShift key + M ---------- plow working width narrower
Turn key Q ---------- plow to the right and small plow
                            connect and disconnect
Control Claas Xerion 3800 VC Beta:
Button Lctrl + KP4 ---------- crab Links
Button Lctrl + KP5 ---------- crab on / off
Button Lctrl + KP6 ---------- crab law
Key activate KP7 ---------- fronthydraulic dynamic steer
Button KP8 ---------- transport or agricultural tires
key KP9 ---------- cabin rotate
button B ---------- weight (3 steps)
Disable button X ---------- weight
Press Numpad * ---------- MR T4 test gear ZF transmission with 4 levels
Button + ---------- ZF gear up
Button # ---------- ZF gear down
Button above ---------- IF calibrate gear
Button  ä ---------- IF calibrate gear
Button . ---------- ZF transmission clutch

Xerion should be compatible with the cask Kotte:

GPS Mod:
see: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/gps-mod--2
Known bugs:
- Kverneland texture errors such as wheel hub, etc.
- Refine Kverneland animations
- Forgot to change Kverneland price ... normal version
- Xerion Indoor sound turns to high
- Xerion, have bought 2 works only the first time the crab to make it more costly to fix for LS13 ...
- That which you still find ...

Here are the WIP project
Error please post in the WIP area. At best the LOG file with attach.
Have fun testing the beta and give feedback times properly.
If anyone have interest to help with the 3D model or textures, just let me know.

LS13 Bullgore, Biedens, Upsidedown

*** Changelog LS13 Bullgore ***
- LS13 Konvertiert
- Texturen konveriert u. überarbeitet
- I3D überarbeitet
- UV Fehler behoben
- xml überarbeitet
- Fehlstellung Räder behoben
- neuen Dirtshader und washable lua verbaut
- 8er Höhe angepasst
- 11>1|3 und 11>1|4 nodes reingepackt
- Pflug Boden PS hinzugefügt
- Packer Krümel Boden PS verbaut
- Höhe angepasst das alle Schaare gleich tief im Boden
- Attacher unten 3 grad verstellt damit 4er am ende nicht so weit aushebt
- beim 8er die rottime verlängert für langameres einsetzten am heck
- zip und xml weiter aufgeräumt
- rota 7+8+9 movetime von 4 auf 7 erhöht
- ...

*** Changelog LS13 Biedens ***
- Überflüssige Shapes aus i3d gelöscht (6>0 .. 8>1)
- xml angepasst
- CollisionPairs hinzugefügt
- lua komplett überarbeitet
- Standard-Funktionen in PackomatBase.lua ausgelagert (analog zur Plough Spezi)
- Helfer-Support aiMarker
- Gemeinsame Steuerung von Packomat RW und PW
- Animationen überarbeitet
- eine CuttingArea pro Schar
- Automatische Höhenkontrolle
- Breite Packomat * 1.2 skaliert
- Etwas mehr Breite über angepasste Animationen (rotParts)
- Rostige Schaare Funktion => rustShader.xml, Material1_clean.dds, RustyTool.lua
- Zeitverzögerung rota7+8+9 für hinteres Rad eingebaut, rota7+8+9 entsprechend verkleinert
- Animation 4er angepasst, so dass er synchron mit 8er rotiert
- Umstellung rechts/links in Transportstellung 4er
- Sounds durch standard Sounds ersetzt (cultivatorSound, ploughTurnSound, ploughSound)
- topArm 8er fehlende XML Einträge ergänzt und neue nodes in der i3d
- deleteParticleSystem
- finetuning groundThreshold
- Während der Animation werden alle anderen Tasten ignoriert
- Packer kann ein- und ausgeblendet werden, Masse und Collision werden beim Ausblenden (fast) auf 0 gesetzt
- Breitenverstellung 4er neu gebaut
- Überarbeitung hinterer Attacher 8er
- ...

LS11 V4 07/2011:

washable, tuning, sounds, dirttextur, Store, usw. by bullgore
scripts und scripttuning mp by hummel

Modell: PW100 and double roller and hydraulic control arn
Company:Kverneland web:www.Kverneland.com
country: Norway xyzspain year:2011 polycount aprox 56000
Einblendscript: www.ls-landtechnik.de

Claas Xerion 3800

*** Changelog LS13 Upsidedown ***
- Script LS13 + MP rdy
- Neue Lua Gaslimiter
- Neue Lua Fronthydraulik
- Neue Lua Lenkarten
- 3D Modell Fronthydraulik
- ...

*** Changelog LS13 Bullgore ***
- LS13 konvertiert
- Odometer reset bugfix, shiftablemass lua gefixt
- Texturen überarbeitet
- I3D überarbeitet
- xml überarbeitet
- Multipowershaft verbaut
- ...
- Fahrverhalten angepasst
- moddesc.xml überarbeitet, Shopdaten etc
- Gewicht waschbar gemacht
- ...
- Heckhydraulik provisorisch repariert
- Bewegliche Anhängerkupplung high & low
- Silageschild fix
- Kabine Position und Animation Fix
- ...

*** Changelog LS13 Kubo ***
- Sound Warnings entfernt
- Fahrphysik angepasst
- ...
Xerion LS 09-11

- Xerion
LS11 konvert by mavwitch

- Silageschild
PS: Arnold Script: Heady
Funktion by Wolftigerr
waschbar tiger1234
V6 Model,Animation,Scriptfix by Bullgore

- Gewicht
FSM]Team + LS-Mod-Tüv

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